Priddy Lab

The Priddy Lab is part of the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department at Mississippi State University. Our research is motivated by two clinical challenges: healing of traumatic bone injuries and treating osteomyelitis.

Biomaterials Design and Characterization

We create new biomaterials using techniques including 3D printing and electrospinning. We evaluate biomaterial efficacy using both in vitro models and in vivo models of bone injury and disease.

Healing of Traumatic Bone Injuries

We study load-bearing polymeric and metallic biomaterials for improved bone healing.

Treating Osteomyelitis

We study hydrogel-based composite materials for enhanced delivery of antimicrobial therapeutics.




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Dr. Lauren B. Priddy

Associate Professor
Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department
Mississippi State University

Dr. Lauren Priddy earned her Ph.D. in BioEngineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology with Dr. Robert Guldberg , studying biomaterial strategies to modulate growth factor delivery for improved bone healing. In 2016, she returned to MSU as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering in the Bagley College of Engineering, where she is passionate about teaching and mentoring the next generation of biomedical engineers in her home state of Mississippi. As a bioengineer, she is excited to play a role in the development of technologies and innovations that can enhance human health. She brings her enthusiasm for biomedical engineering into the classroom, helping motivate students to engage with the material and ultimately become independent, self-directed learners.


Bachelor's Degree

Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Biological Engineering, Mississippi State University


Master's Degree

Master of Science (M.S.), Biomedical Engineering, Mississippi State University



Doctor of Philosophy; Bioengineering, Georgia Institute of Technology